As the Veil Thins (Harmonizing Past and Future Lives)

As the veil thins and Samhain nears, snapshots of a past life arise as I listen to solfeggio tones for my heart. I am wearing dirty sandals and a bandana wrapped around my short dark hair. I can tell it is me, but I don’t look exactly like I look now. My skin is leathered by the sun and I can feel in my bones the intense labor I had done in this life. It feels I am somewhere in the United States. The air is dry and dusty like I’m in the desert yet I’m walking down a small village road with a wheelbarrow.

I gaze into the wheelbarrow and there is a dead body of a man who was recently killed, but I’m not yet sure what led to his death. It doesn’t feel like a war time, it feels personal, like he was persecuted for his lifestyle and beliefs. I vaguely feel a love come to the surface as I sink deeply into my heart. But in this past life I was in such a state of grief I could clearly sense how disassociated I was from my emotional body. There was a cold exterior I wore for the world. My heart frozen and haunted by his death.

I continue to walk and find myself near the side of a river. I am guided to send love from my heart to this past life memory. The energy I send is an amethyst color, and I trust this healing light as it funnels from my heart to hers. As I continue to send energy, I feel gratitude for the empathic sensitivity I have now. Sharing this sensitivity with a deadened part of my soul is confirmation of what a gift it truly is.

Just as I was bringing the dead body closer to the water’s edge, I see a funnel of purple light emerge above the water. A woman with white blonde hair and a velvet blue cape with stars and gold trim appears from the purple light. It feels like it is me again, but in a higher density and form. Now she is sending energy back to my heart in current time as the three of us harmonize our hearts as one.

The velvet woman then pulls down a map of the cosmos and highlights a triangle with her staff. I feel guided to place my energy inside of the triangle and once again I feel the harmony of three into one. It was like a doorway opening and I see the map turn into large pages of a book. The following day I tune into this large book and I am ushered into another part of my soul’s story.

I see what looks like a headless horseman riding a black horse in the night. As I tune in further, I see a woman riding the horse, but she isn’t headless, she’s covered in a thick black cape with a hood drawn over her. I’m then brought to the top of a hill. It’s a bit foggy as the night turns into dawn. The energy is peaceful and all is quiet. I’m completely alone and a vague but potent memory of being a Witch comes to my mind. I see a symbol of a five-pointed star and I am completely self-sourced with the energy represented by the star.

Not much is happening externally but another knowing fills me as I connect to the ocean on my left, the forest on my right, and the sunrise skies now above me. I am yet again anchored by a triad: land, sea, and sky. The earth here feels very ancient, holding esoteric knowledge I hope to remember. And as I settle into these imprints of soul memory, my energy rises like a Queen seated upon her throne. Not a queen in the traditional sense, ruling with power over people, a Queen who is one with the natural world and all aspects of herself.

As the veil thins and Samhain creeps

over the hills our Ancestors keep

May old stories come back to life

Blessed Be the Land, Sea, and Sky

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