Awakening the Power of the Divine Mother & Child

Updated: Mar 5

The inner Child has a deep psychic energy and power.

Once awakened, she shines with the love of her Divine Mother.

Throughout my spiritual journey I knew it was meaningful for me to love my inner child in order for healing and transformation to occur. But what I didn't fully realize was that waking the inner child meant waking up parts of my soul that were severely traumatized as well as states of being that were lost and fragmented due to the repression of early abuse and neglect.

Disassociation from these aspects could no longer be an option once my inner child was actively and genuinely welcomed back into my heart. This is because the inner child remembers what the conscious ego wants to shut down in order for us to survive in environments we can’t readily escape as children. Loving my inner child is a delicate process. It is not something I can take too lightly or disregard as “new age fluff.” As I seek to keep her alive in my heart, old cries for help are finally able to be expressed and released. But there is something far, far greater happening too. Something unfathomably sacred being born through honoring our woundedness.

I don't think I'd be where I am through sheer will power alone. As I go into the depths of my grief I am aided and protected by the Divine Mother, who I weep and surrender to during such excruciating times. Leading up to a profound clearing, I struggle to catch my breath. I feel like I am made of fragile glass and about to shatter into a thousand pieces at once. I’m now recognizing that all of these pieces are the soul fragments of my inner child that I will slowly meet and reintegrate over the course of my life.

I wonder, in the loss of my earthly innocence, what grace awakened me? Who held me so gently in her arms, and sheltered me under her divine protection like I was her most precious child? Was it Blessed Mother? Yes, I deeply know it was her. Through every challenge and difficulty in life, my soul continues to desire to remind other beloved children she not only protects, but guides us to love as she loves. This is a miracle. Through awakening the inner child, we simultaneously awaken the power of the inner and outer Divine Mother.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the child yearns for us to express painful emotions associated with suppressed states of consciousness, in order to move energy out of a hidden realm of the psyche and through the cellular memory of the body where trauma is stored. According to Marion Woodman (Jungian Psychoanalyst and BodySoul founder), “psyche and soma are one, inseparable, and must be worked on together.”

This expression is not meant to retraumatize the child, but as I mentioned, any inner child activation can be deeply initiating for the soul, which is why I believe it’s important to find healing containers and trusted professionals to do this kind of work alongside us. Divine Mother does not cure all our wounds without our help, we must be willing to do the necessary alchemical work within and continue to call on her in times we feel we need strength or grace in doing so.

Inner child expression is all about giving our child an attentive "Mother place" to be seen and heard, perhaps for the very first time. This can be done through somatic therapy, ritual, embodied voice work as well as the creative arts like dancing, painting, drumming, or writing poetry. It is not a simple or once and done activity, but a worthwhile and ongoing journey toward Self discovery and integration.

I am not a licensed psychologist or medical professional. But as a psychic and healer I often encounter soul fragments of childhood wounding in my readings and healing sessions with clients. If fragments or memories arise, I seek to provide a safe, unconditionally loving space to embrace the inner child and any emotion they long to express. While other therapies may focus more on mind and body, I hope my work can incorporate the spiritual aspects of the soul with the Divine.

I invite Great Mother, the Feminine Soul of the World (Anima Mundi), healing Spirits and sacred ancestors to hold a client in pure, compassionate protection as I humbly bear witness to what can feel sensitive, vulnerable, or perhaps never fully witnessed by any one before.

If this kind of healing calls to you, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have. Again, this work is very delicate and not to be forced by ego alone. If the inner child is coming forward naturally, perhaps through dreams, meditation or through a dark night of the soul trauma/grief, and you're in need of a spiritual container, it is my absolute honor to hold space for you and your Divine Mother/Child within as you continue to heal and grow together.

"One would say a healing of a wound made by an earthly mother, is not accomplished by the compassionate healer alone, for she or he is 'the hollow bone,"--only the tunnel.

Rather it is what stands behind the healer, that is, the force of the Greater Mother who then flows through the blessed passageway of the human mother instinct and intuition."

~Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Age to age

you remain Divine Mother

While I weep for you I cannot see you through my tears

I do not know my sorrow

is a string of pearls

encircling you, one by one

I do not know

you hear each cry

you grieve all loss

you shelter my every plea for you

I do not know

But now, I know

Now, I remember

Great Lady, Blessed Mother

You plant a seed deep inside my sorrow

And like the roses of your tender heart I open to life

as love

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