Feminine Receptivity: A Channel to Higher Worlds

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Feminine receptivity is a subtle, fine tuned energetic position that helps us gain access to higher worlds and dimensions of our soul's vast heritage. Its elusive power travels multidimensionally, far beyond what the logical mind can perceive alone. The frequency of receptiveness acts as a unifier for what may be fragmented or scattered information, a neutral threshold for us to deepen into our unique psychic senses/perception. Receptivity allows for awareness to fill us, it magnetizes more light as wisdom permeates our entire being. The process is not active or striving, it’s passive and allowing. It is where we truly come to know ourselves.

Although the word passive may remind us of being lazy or weak, it is a position of great power and transformation. When our baseline energy is receptive, we are automatically flowing with what arises and what our heart desires. We are also able to take very precise, aligned actions from this balanced state.

How to build feminine/receptive energy:

  • Honor all intuitive messages you receive in dreams, nature, synchronicities, or sudden inspirations to follow a course of action. This begins to warm up your receptive magnetism. Simply by noticing and validating any form of communication, you build psychic muscle and find you are naturally deepening a loving connection with yourself and Spirit. Higher information, soul memories, and/or Spirit Guide connections are drawn to you via resonance. When you trust your inner world and how your soul speaks, it is easier to trust what arises outside of you. The inner and outer worlds become harmonious/ symbiotic over time.

  • When we trust ourselves, we are deeply rooted in our soul. From here, we can begin to play with receptivity and see where it wants to guide us next. This is feminine life force, so it may dance in random motions or rise up in places that are confusing to the mind. In meditation for example, be light hearted and open to the possibilities of receiving something new or unexpected. This is especially helpful when we feel blocked by over-analyzing, rigid expectations or the need to "do it right."

  • It can help to visualize yourself as a chalice or a glass cup receiving liquid light from the higher mind/ cosmos/ deep self. Create a color in your mind’s eye that feels like intuitive information sinking into you. Set intentions that validate this process. “I am receptive” “I am opening to my higher mind” “I am receiving wisdom from my Spirit Guides” “I am embodying my Feminine energy more and more every day."

  • When you feel comfortable with holding a passive state, begin to formulate questions for your higher self and receive the answers in any form they wish to come through (visions, inner knowing, emotional response). This practice will help balance mental and intuitive energy and strengthen your ability to focus on specific information flowing through you. Notice when it becomes difficult to hold a receptive state and what thoughts or emotions may be interfering with your focus.

My personal journey into an ancient life: After sitting in a passive meditation, I ask my higher self to show me a life where I fully embody my soul's purpose. I expect to meet myself on a future timeline on earth, and am rather surprised to be shown an ancient life in the star system of Lyra. I receive these messages as inner knowings and trust I am guided here for a reason.

First, I hear very distinct "angelic tones", which I never experienced in meditation before. I see a large bee flying and directing me to move forward, it suddenly transforms into some type of space craft that is difficult for my eyes to adjust to. I also see what looks like an old temple structure surrounded by sand and a fountain of flowing honey in the middle of the temple ruins. I remember at one point looking down at my bare feet in the sand.

I soon begin to feel an overwhelming peace and love rise in my heart chakra. I envision colors of bright white and silver filling my energetic body. As I do so, the most beautiful vision of a tall lion woman with long blonde hair cascading down to her thighs appears so clearly in front of me. She wears a pure white gown and holds a young child in her arms. I cannot see the child's features very clearly at this time. I only hear the word seed and intuit that she is part of my starseed origins.

This stunning lion guide feels like someone who is as familiar as a family member, and I soon hear the words strength, then, sister. I understand that she is my sister from ancient Lyra, and is guiding me now on my soul's journey of remembering who I am and where I've come from. It's interesting that she feels separate from me, but also so deeply a part of me, like I am her. Yes, We are two of the same Self, Twin Souls. I trust, I sink beneath the paradox and confusion. She is the embodiment of love and magnetically powerful. My heart's frequency continues to rise simply by being in her presence, She stands still, beaming in her own radiant light. I do not want to disconnect from her for a moment. It is truly one of the most profoundly loving exchanges I've ever felt.

I hear another sound. HeeeeeRAH HeeeeeeeeRAH Heera. Is this your name, I ask? The vision begins to fade away but I am left with a knowing that I will never be quite the same after our blessed reunion. I journal all I can remember, and then I research Heera's name. I find that it is of Sanskrit origin, and can also be translated as "diamond" or "beauty of the world." This completely matches the energy and colors I felt from her too. Tears flow knowing how deeply resonant her memory is, and will continue to be, as I journey back home to myself.

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