For the Children

There is a dark, pervasive sickness in our world. Its mangled, half-eaten body smells like evil rotting in the muck of sour blood. It hides its terrible form in institutions, businesses, and governments. It masks its hideous face behind religion, entertainment, and the well-to-do. But I will tell you, this vile sickness can NEVER claim or destroy you, dear child.

For you are the light keeper, the bearer of new life and impenetrable hope. You are the ripe seed of inspiration and the ingenious call to right action. Child, you are the future of us. So when a world denies your right to safety and freedom, dignity and hope, it denies us all. When a world fails to protect and stand up to the grave injustices brought against you, it fails to protect the good and humane in us all.

Those that shame or silence you are equally as guilty. When you endure something so tragic and shocking to your spirit, you emerge a warrior. You deserve to be met with deep compassion for what you survived, to be believed, and most importantly, guided to learn how love protects you from further harm.

Instead, you often face a cold, deafening silence, another kind of cruel tragedy. You’re forced to believe you’re guilty or meant to carry a shameful secret for the rest of your life. Why? For who? NO. May those who put their head in the sand, stay buried in their own cowardice, but they cannot drag you down with them. Their darkness is all their own.

We have become a Motherless world, deeply in need of the rising fire of the Great Mother within to boldly return and to stand up to the horrific forces repeatedly seeking to repress, wound, and stamp out our most precious life.

To all the children who have been used, abused, exploited, neglected, or shamed, to those whose souls are crushed or whose lights are dimmed, I want to tell you, no more! This is your truth no more! Dear child, you are and have always been a courageous, brilliant, and inherently worthy soul. You are and have always been fully capable of healing and growing in any way you see fit.

You have come here to embody your soul and to only be true to that aliveness, as best as you possibly can. You do not owe anyone your time or energy, no matter how convincing it is that love will be denied if you don't. You have everything you need inside of you, wild, wise, beautiful child. Your light may only be a faint flicker, and you might believe that’s all you deserve to shine, but I will tell you, that isn’t your truth either. Your light is a blazing fire that burns in the darkest hour.

Your voice and your art, your individual calling and creations, are perfect because only you can sing them. You are love’s inexhaustible fire. Keep going, dear child. Keep rising. There are many of us who feel your pain, who grieve for what's been lost. But please know, the Mothers are returning again. For we live inside the children who transform every challenge and suffering back into wisdom.

We send you our resilient vision and heart-filled guidance to restore your faith, and as we do, we know you are growing strong steady roots of your own. Like an old, old tree who continues to thrive despite many seasons of hardship, you become your own protector, sustainer, nurturer. No matter what happens, standing tall in the light of who you are, you show others what is possible.

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