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Mystic and Mediumship Pathways (Soul Yearnings for Divine Love)

All loves are a bridge to Divine Love. ~Rumi

Mysticism and mediumship seek to awaken our soul's spiritual journey. Not only is there a reunion with the Beloved or a passed loved one, but with our own being. Our truest essence exists within our relationship to a Divine Source. We may find hidden spiritual qualities developing as the soul is nurtured by the power of God-within. Yet in this relationship, we become more ourselves than before.

This is the same power we demonstrate in mediumship. It’s what holds our hands together when the two worlds make contact. An understanding of the Divine is deepened by the experience—is hopefully touched or enlivened in some way, when we know life, like love, continues after death.

Experiencing a connection with Spirit is holy, and holding a reverent space, rather than a performance, is so vital when bringing forth the felt presence of our loved ones. These reunions are most profound when we can sense Spirit beside us, when we know we’re not alone on our path, but in fact made to be in relationship with a Higher Power, God, Source, whatever we choose to name it. The Divine is already there waiting within us. There’s nothing we need to do or strive to become, only gently awaken to more and more.

The mystic and the medium are both channels for higher forces of love and communion with what is seen and unseen. They are pathways to discovering our soul's gifts as they both realize our individual potentials for self-development and genuine spiritual experience. There is often a growing heart desire to serve as a devoted messenger between the two worlds.

According to these sacred paths, precious life is lived within both worlds--one is not greater or less than the other. Both the material and spiritual exist together and fulfill and uplift each other. As mediums and mystics, we discover God’s presence in all things. God resides within the earth no matter how much devastation surrounds us. This innate, eternal force cannot be removed or destroyed and cannot be separated from us.

Divine Love is the source of all Spiritual contacts with the Spirit World. No matter who we may bring together, God’s loving power is in the blend and in the reunion of two souls who can never part. God is there. The more a medium unfolds the light and power of their own soul, the more open they are to the Divine. Again, they can’t be divided.

For both of these mystery paths, personally experiencing the transformative power of love is more meaningful than following an intellectual pursuit or a prescribed set of beliefs. The soul’s unfolding story is inherently valuable and deserves to be celebrated and respected. We recognize and cherish our soul as a divine creation, an embodiment of our own unique union with God.


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