Past Lives & Alchemical Healing

Every soul contains a multitude of lifetimes and memories we explore through various cycles and phases of development. Accessing and understanding their significance in our current time helps us realign to a higher path, as well as take responsibility for attitudes and beliefs that held us back in a previous life.

The stories we personally live carry a deep, undeniable resonance when we return to them. They feel so true to the core there is no denying the essence of our spirit imprinted upon them. Although the stories alone can be helpful, harmonizing ourselves with a forgotten memory is an alchemical process, and is what is most healing for us.

When a past life memory is witnessed, we open a door to inner transformation. Past lives trace the root of an issue, they reveal the deep layers of karmic patterns, lessons, and archetypal relationships that repeatedly arise for us now. We have a choice as to whether or not we are willing to let our limited construct of time dissolve, knowing that we have a sacred opportunity to send love and forgiveness back to a version of ourselves that needs it most. When we do this we act much like ascended beings or guides who pave the way for us to evolve through their embodied initiations and mastery over lifetimes.

When we feel stuck we may be unaware of why we struggle with certain relationships, addictive behaviors, or overwhelming fear, and past lives can be a way to receive insight, clarity and compassion for ourselves as the trauma we carry may come from old eras or early incarnations beyond earth.

Particular lives can also help us remember the gifts we have developed and how to trust in our abilities even more. We have all come with very specific skill sets and talents that evolve along with us. As we remember lifetimes where our gifts were of great service to ourselves and others, we honor the unique calling we are ushering in now, knowing it has been refined to perfectly assist our growth and the collective at large.

Looking into a past life is like a dream, or a mythical trance-state, as we access not only a forgotten time and place in our soul's history, but the consciousness and inner world that resonates most with us right now. In my own meditation practice, I notice specific themes from one life will overlap on top of another, and are witnessed simultaneously.

For example, in a life where I kept myself small, I saw a fence around a farmhouse overlap with the fence around my current home. I could feel the parallel fear I had around regaining my intuitive abilities. On the other side of the fence was a large swan looking down at me as I was struggling to unlock the gate. I was afraid to leave my house and family members who were not ready to awaken or evolve. I felt responsible for their happiness and chose not to change too much in order to remain in their life.

I recognized the archetype of Swan as my magic, my inner power, and the loss and rediscovery of my freedom and sovereignty. The swan appeared very large because it seemed it could overwhelm or overtake my life if I let myself out of the fenced in safety of the farmhouse. I questioned my ability to survive in the wild or unknown places.

What's interesting is that I recently had an experience with a Pleiadian group of guides who appeared with very long necks, similar to a swan. They also had this "breath of fresh air" energy that I equate with the forest and other natural, wild places. It seems a "future" parallel version of myself is making itself known through similar archetypes.

Parallel overlays make it easier to understand where patterns have aligned life after life, and whether or not our souls could integrate them or not. It’s not so much about the specific details that come forward, but the energy of our consciousness in a particular time that is revealed through symbols, characters and stories.

Much like with dream interpretation, we gain understanding about what these symbols mean and how they might apply for us now. It's difficult to explain the depth of alchemical healing that can arise with past life work, but I feel so much peace and integration within me after I bear witness to memories that shaped who I am, and that I am now humbled and grateful to shape in return.

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