Shadows & Sovereign Storytelling

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Our wounds are stories that provide context and deeper meaning on our journey. They carry generational/inherited traumas as well as personal healing codes that evolve authentically as we integrate them over time. This level of integration happens when we are ready to face our shadows. However, when we are in a severe state of stress and overwhelm this becomes even more difficult to do. We are not only bombarded by our own darkness but the collective shadow as well.

Fear-based energies incite the belief that we are powerless to our environment. Especially during chaotic times, facing our fears and managing anxiety seems less impactful compared to our “fight-flight-freeze” instincts. There is a tendency to act out or perpetuate lower energies as a way to process overwhelming experiences like violence and oppression within our systems. Perhaps we build up a false sense of strength or the belief that we’re “doing something” when we react impulsively, and so the cycle continues.

There is certainly a time and place for our natural instincts to kick in, especially in order to keep ourselves and others safe. But if we are not encountering an actual threat to our security, repetitive stress responses do little to serve us and can cut us off from our resiliency and healing potential altogether.

When we validate our pain and consciously decide to step out of the “protective coat of armor” defending it, we realize there is an unshakeable inner peace within us all the time. The armor is our mind’s attempt to mimic a sovereign state of being because sovereignty is where aligned and intuitive action truly arises.

We are not bypassing our emotions or experiences here, nor are we their victim. We understand we did not come into these bodies to repeatedly play out the same dramas, we came to be conscious storytellers, and to be freed by them.

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