"She of the Ointment Jar" & Lion's Gate Portal

I had an interesting discovery in my dream. I enter what feels like a hidden corridor with a shelf running the length of the wall. I hear the name Bastet and can see at least a hundred statues filling the shelf of what I hope represents this Goddess. But the statues are not what I thought they would be. I vaguely remember a voice telling me “First Mermaid.”

The first statue I touch is the Goddess in the form of a spiral seashell. I don’t feel particularly drawn to the name Bastet because I never worked with her energy before. I initially recognize her as the “Cat Goddess” in Egyptian mythology, but I leave with a deeper knowing that there is so much more to her, “She of the Ointment Jar” Protector, Guardian of the Pharaoh. Was she the one guarding this mysterious place?

Suddenly the corridor turns into a single trailer parked in a desert landscape. There is a young woman with dark hair standing at the entrance taking notes as I walk out the door and down the steps.

I dream about seeing two large statues in the desert. I clearly hear the names “Lioness” and “Sekhmet.” One of the statues is holding a snake in its hand but everything else is in shadow.

Lion beings are deeply connected to the sacred feminine mysteries and are often seen flanking a Goddess or High Priestess. Most common are Mother Goddesses like Cybele (Magna Mater or Great Mother), Inanna (Sumerian)/Ishtar (Babylonian), Asherah (The Lion Lady, Ugaritic), Durga (The One Who Protects, India). There are also over 40 Egyptian goddesses (Sekhmet and Bast to name a few), who reveal this divine relationship.

The Lady of the Lions is an image that extends across time for more than 6,000 years and across a wide geographic region as far as Minoan Crete to the west, Anatolia (Turkey) to the north, and Mesopotamia (Sumer, Babylon, modern Iraq) to the east.” https://thequeenofheaven.wordpress.com/2010/11/16/asherah-part-iii-the-lion-lady/

I’m particularly drawn to Bast because of her title “She of the ointment jar” and the association with Alabaster stone. Mary Magdalene, Priestess of Isis, was said to carry anointing oil for Christ in an alabaster jar and I believe it speaks to this idea of sacred protection.

Lions energetically hold or guard sacred space like a Priestess or Witch must cast a circle, or an energetic boundary for magic and spell work to flow and rise properly. As portals open astrologically they mirror our capacity to merge with cosmic energy and open portals inside of ourselves. As above, so below. As within, so without. We can reflect the lion’s gate within and anchor the Leonine power so available to us at this time of year. The Lion's Gate portal marks the alignment between the star Sirius and planet Earth and ushers in new levels of spiritual awareness and cosmic consciousness.

Lion beings are spiritually advanced souls and are able to offer this service because of their strong heart-centered capacity. I’ll often find a Lion guide or Goddess present with another deity or when I'm sharing healing energy. Bast moves with Hathor and Sekhmet with Isis. This really speaks to their familial bond and how they balance one another. One day, before sharing Reiki energy, I saw a White Lion appear. No words were exchanged, but I felt him holding space for me and my guides as I channeled the energy for a loved one.

Lions help us reclaim our sovereign power and remember who we are. They show us how to create boundaries as an expression of self-love. They protect because they care, not because they are defensive, greedy or afraid. They are magnetically drawn to a Mother Goddess, for example, because she knows she is worthy--she knows love is the only force capable of holding her sovereign essence in safe keeping. This may be difficult to remember when our hearts have been betrayed or wounded, but closing or blocking our hearts only causes more pain and further separation from our truth.

Lions especially like to assist those who are empathic, intuitive or highly sensitive to generate magnetism and power in their spiritual development. My Lion guide Heera helps me generate the emotional energy of unconditional love, especially while meditating or doing any kind of astral journeying. She reminds me that my ability to access higher realms is always fueled by love.

There’s a reason why lions are archetypally so connected to our courage. They purely embody this energy and help us to do the same, especially when it has to do with facing a fear around sharing our creativity or artistic expression. One way to harness their confidence is to shine your light as a creative being through dance, singing, writing, or any artistic outlet that calls to you. Lions are solar and typically appear as warriors or kings, and this is certainly part of their high self-esteem and sovereign expression, but they are also deeply linked to our inner child and can be super playful! After an inner child healing I received, I saw a vision of myself as a young girl in an open field resting next to a lion being. I felt so safe and content and knew my inner child was too. Much like the lion and the lamb symbol, our inner child is the source of our strength as well as our peace and represents the dual nature of our divinity.

Much like the Strength card reveals in tarot, tapping into our vulnerabilities and innocence in a world that seeks to repress our authentic nature, truly makes us strong. If Lion’s call you, you may be in need of their divine healing wisdom. The Lion’s Gate opens for you to be held in their love.

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