Spiritual Awakening through Ecstatic Dance

Life-force intelligence spirals in ecstatic form. I am learning about the gift of body language and the way Spirit speaks as I dance and open myself to cosmic awareness. Movement activates etheric codes of information contained within the higher mind. These codes remain dormant if we are unaware of their potential to be expressed, yet any form of ecstatic movement can open them and enhance our own psychic development and receptivity. When I dance it becomes less about aesthetic performance and choreography as it is about allowing Spirit to dance in me. Ecstatic dance is a conscious, substance-free form of spontaneous movement that often leads to deep trance or meditative states. This wisdom is found across many ancient spiritual traditions from Eastern Mysticism to Native American Shamanism.

About four years ago I had an ecstatic dance awakening and wrote this shortly after the experience:

I was listening to music and suddenly my body yearned to move in ways I’ve never moved before. There was no thinking, and although it felt strange at first, fear couldn’t stop me from following this primal rhythm. The movement was sensual yet strong, and for me, it was ancient. Maybe I danced this way before…I followed and flowed totally surrendered and I couldn’t stop. The dance began to tell a story with the music. I used gestures and mudras like I had known them forever. Spirit was reminding me to keep tuning in, to listen, to follow the swirling dance back into my deepest knowing.

Ecstatic movement awakens sacred memories held within the blueprint of our physical and energetic bodies. According to Eastern philosophy, a Kundalini awakening is said to unravel a coiled serpent at the base of the spine, moving its way up the chakra channel toward enlightenment at the crown of the head. For me, ecstatic dance mirrors the winding movement of the serpent, or Divine Feminine energy, rising from our bodies (lower spine) to merge with universal consciousness (crown). It’s not the only way to unite with our unlimited potential, but it remains a powerful practice often forgotten in the Western world.

After the initial awakening I wonder if I channeled a guide or an angel, trying to make sense out of such a mystical experience. To my surprise, I receive a symbolic message through my hands. It seems to be the shape of a chalice and then I telepathically hear "cauldron". Joining my inner wrists, my hands curve open to form a half circle. I know this is significant because it keeps repeating, rather urgently, until I ask Spirit what it means for me. I am inspired to look up the symbolism of the cauldron and instantly find the words Goddess and Witch shining back at me. This realization frightened me at first, especially because of my Christian upbringing. I tentatively ask Spirit if I am a Witch. I feel an answer rising from the depths of my soul. Yes, a profound truth has just been revealed in my own hands.

It’s so mysterious, how a primal dance activates so much of my hidden self, my inner Witch, my Divine Feminine and Priestess nature suddenly alive and communicating through my body. How could this be? I was attuned to Reiki about six months before the ecstatic awakening occurred. Perhaps my physical body needed a way to ritually honor what was happening in my etheric body. The dance acting as an anchoring vessel for universal energy to be filled and embodied. I could continue to channel the energy, but somehow dancing it helped to ground and initiate my desire to become the full expression of it’s loving force.

It feels as though the dance is weaving me into who I am. Even though it’s been several years, the download of ancient memories can take quite a while to decipher in the 3D world. But as I continue to ecstatically express the language of Spirit in my body, the more I seem to remember.

When I close my eyes I follow a secret path through the darkness It sleeps like a serpent surrendering all movement just to dance again

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