The Animacy of Clairvoyant Images

As I tune into an individual’s energy and a clairvoyant image awakens, I am not interfacing with a stagnant illusion that disappears when the session is complete. No, it seems that instead a readee and I have both potentialized a creative seed yearning to bloom into living form. The images are not only sensuous phenomena to be perceived but conscious powers with a depth of opportunity to activate and receive.

As a psychic I am frequently able to pick up on the images that are closest to manifesting into material form. If they aren’t physically manifesting yet, this becomes much more available as our energy, emotion, and intentions are poured into them.

After a session I will begin to see client images repeated in my daily life whether in my environment or in a vision or dream. This tells me that because the image resonated within my own consciousness, I can notice it awakening outside of it as well. It's like a nod from the universe that the imagery is very much alive and moving in harmonious ways.

These potent visuals are often the first to appear as I scan the aura and match my client’s energy vibration. They also serve as a clue to what a person’s soul purpose is. As soon as they are witnessed and acknowledged the life force animating the images begins to take on a deeper level of coherency within the heart. Depending on the person, the energies can be so magnetic that visions are able to grow and materialize much faster than if they were ignored or repressed.

I believe this is why clairvoyant readings are so healing. It is not just about the clarity of a single image in a moment in time. These pictures are emotive expressions of consciousness, they have come to us to be enlivened and matured, to grow with us and show us where we are and what is possible.

Often if I relay an image that does not make sense it is because I am seeing something that a person is not quite ready to accept or believe about themselves. This should not dismiss the power of an intuitive reading. If anything, it can inspire the readee to work with the image and tune into the underlying messages it has for them to integrate.

This is also vital for people who understand the visual but might feel blocked in achieving what it is they see coming forward. It helps to write or draw the image if possible and to ask what else wants to be known. This is empowering because the psychic reading becomes less about relying on a psychic for their interpretation or prediction but about a way to gather specific energy information through visuals that a readee can then work with in their daily life.

It's certainly helpful to receive information from a psychic because we can have blinders on in particular areas of our life. Even though it's challenging it's also important to surrender control and the desire to receive images in a way that validates our comfort zone. Psychics are unique and can pick up on energies that others might not because of their personal journey and the lessons they’ve healed and integrated in their own life.

Take advantage of seeing your world with a fresh set of eyes and new perspective. In a session I like to help an individual meet their edge and support them in seeing a once distant horizon moving much closer toward them. This horizon line is a symbol of their direct connection to the highest potential timeline available. You can then harness these energies and allow them to evolve and expand as you do. Again, the images are a signpost, but they also breathe and exist within and around you, they are you, otherwise they would not have appeared.

Our realities are an ever-changing co-creative masterpiece and so our daydreams and inspirations long to be nurtured by us. If we remember the animating force behind what we envision we are more likely to take care of them and witness the miracle of their birth in the world.

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