The Harmony of Humanity

To return to the sacred ground of the human soul

creates a balancing point

between darkness and light

left and right

good and evil A harmony with all life

These profound paradoxes vie for power and control over our lives if we remain unconscious of them. But what if we expand our vision, what if we become aware of how we give vital energy away to laws, leaders, religious institutions, or spiritual groups? And by doing so, better understand how splitting ourselves off to a single perspective can be excruciatingly painful when we no longer recognize the "other side of the coin” as equally part of who we are.

What if this pain is actually asking us to hold the tension of the opposites, reuniting shadows we repress or project with our full awareness, and what if the shadows-that-were now guide us to embody deeper love and compassion for our whole consciousness, as well as the world's consciousness?

What if we take responsibility for the ways we have played into personal as well as collective division? As it is, we cannot choose one side without denying an essential aspect that yearns for reintegration on the other. If we can courageously return split off projections back to the root of the human soul--the ground, or soil of our being, an inclusive world with a unified vision may be born, rather than a limiting either/or illusion of reality.

The primordial Feminine, Nature Herself, breathes both/and, where new life potentials are seeded through biodiversity, as well as the harmony of the sacred with matter. May we too respect and accept what is diverse within our bodies and souls. And may we welcome the myriad belief systems, traditions, and values we encounter in others, perhaps allowing ourselves to be transformed by their immanence, the whole of Nature, and by all life.

“In the infancy of the world, the Soul of the World and the individual soul were one. There was no separation between them. ~Jules Cashford (essay in Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth)

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