The Heartbeat of 10,000 Names

She created in you and me Strong souls of the world A center for life that is holy A temple of Love built within The heartbeat of 10,000 names Magna Mater Great Mother Great Provider She of the Womb Good Goddess Milk Giver Mother of All Mother of Liberation Our Mother Holy Lady Lady of Heaven Spring Maiden Noblewoman The Mighty One The Invincible One Beloved Protector of Children The One Who Is Powerful She Who Lightens The Darkness Wide Shining The Star of the Sea Great Queen Queen of All Lands Exalted One Wise Woman Changing Woman Weaver of Birth and Fate Goddess of Wilderness

Lady of the Underworld She Who Is Death She of the Night Dreamtime Snake Mistress of the Mighty Dead Our Grandmother the Nocturnal Physician The Nameless One The Great One of Many Names

Kali Mary Cybele Al-Lat Sirona Rosmerta Tara Yemaya Mawu Bridghid Astarte Arianrhod Nila Frejya Coatlicue Inanna Ishtar Morgana Guanyin Persephone Demeter Anahita Sedna Venus Diana Selene Pele Hecate Spider Grandmother Ixchel Lilith Eve Isis Sekhmet Sophia...

Blessed be to all Her names Blessed be to all strong souls of the world May All Blessings Be

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