The Split-Soul Woman Retold

Updated: May 12, 2020

The “Woman with a Split Soul” is fractured and disguised within our psyches and ancestral lineage. We become a Split-Soul Woman when disconnected from our Feminine power. As this predominant aspect of the self is rejected the Split-Soul can take on a myriad of personas from the sociopathic and abusive to the perpetually providing/nurturing Mother.

In the case of the latter, it is usually a child acting as a pseudo-parent for emotionally deficient caretakers. A Whole-Soul child raised by Split-Soul mothers and grandmothers often forgets the wisdom in her line and falls prey to their pattern of faulty conditioning.

Split-Mothers lie to their young. With a charming yet maniacal smile they’ll warn “Your sweet little soul must be sacrificed to save mine. After all, I gave you life, didn’t I?” SNAP! The Whole-Soul child breaks. She detaches from her natural way and believes her mother’s lie. She succumbs to the numerous micro-traumas separating her from the totality of Herself. Without the balanced guidance of an inner or outer mother, the Feminine Shadow is born.

As a Split-Soul adolescent she is trained to ignore her creative pursuits. Vital energy empties into manipulative family dynamics and she accepts these as her most valued purpose and primary personality. The secondary is fitting into a patriarchal religion brainwashing her to deny the Earth and her body as inherently sacred.

On into adulthood she depletes herself with unfulfilling work and relationship roles in an attempt to console the brokenness she encounters time and time again. But alas, it cannot be so. This draining drive to save the shattered only thickens her amnesia into a dense fog.

Her life-force is pallid. Her eyes sunken in by the sheer weight of generational pain she can never carry. She has little to no instinct left to set boundaries or protect herself against vampiric narcissists. Her once soft, supple body is rigid and weary—she becomes numb to her own lifelessness. The Feminine Shadow yearns for integration with the Great Mother and Child within her.

Chronic Fatigue and the loss of genuine connection lead her toward the brink of insanity. But this insanity is an awakening initiation of sorts. It ignites within her the quest to recover what she abandoned in the wilderness so long ago…

The Whole-Soul Woman is also known as the Wild Woman or Anima Queen. She waits now, robed with evergreen, crowned in the shade of an old Oak tree, holding a needle and thread for her untamed soul.

A Holy cry The descending dark

A Mother and Child forced apart Crying river Burning spark Tend the flame, shine the star

Awaken memories

of who we are

Mother and Child return to my heart

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