We are Wisdom Keepers: Discovering the Power of Personal Symbols

Our continuously growing lexicon of personal symbols may manifest in dreams, the natural world, myth and fairy tales, or everyday objects. They can elude or awaken us and it is up to us to unlock the wisdom potentializing in our lives. Although many symbols are universal there is no set meaning, and so it becomes our work to discover the individual interpretation our soul’s have expressed throughout time.

Every person holds a unique “map,” complete with a legend of images or signs resonating with their soul’s evolution. Discovering our personal symbolic language is deeply useful because it is alive and contains a sacred spectrum of energy communicating to us about where we are and where we are going.

From a higher perspective, animate symbols can help direct us into new timelines, or what I like to call “new horizons,” the threshold between what is familiar and what is mysterious, or unknown to us. The merging of the conscious with the unconscious mind. Symbols can bridge the gap between these seemingly opposing states of awareness.

As we acquaint ourselves with the language of our inner world, and how patterns/archetypes speak to us time and time again, we rediscover a well travelled circuitry in our consciousness. Like wisdom keepers, symbols hold clues to our ancient and future history, memories, and experiences. They remember us, so we can remember ourselves again.

Providing intuitive readings is one way I like to facilitate the deepening of symbolic communication with our soul's journey. Sessions are a sacred, co-creative space where relationships with our inner worlds are re-enlivened.

Another way is through sharing how my own "symbology" emerges in dreams, memories, visions, and visitations. This post is a short introduction into the power of symbols and my hope is that the upcoming series of blogs may trigger your own to be called forward. Stay tuned!

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