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Client experiences

In their own words

A wonderful experience I highly recommend. It was mind blowing how accurate the information was. I found it insightful, inspiring, and motivating. My energy was lifted and buzzing. Caution, this could be addictive. ~Nikki 

I had a mediumship reading with Danielle and was immediately comforted and felt welcomed in her presence; even over Zoom! I can tell that she is very kind, soft spoken, and takes her practice seriously. She has a warmth and acceptance about her instantly. She was able to connect to my grandfather almost immediately who she described to a tee! She asked me for no information in advance I should note and was able to pick up on details of personality traits my grandfather had as well as how he dressed and looked physically. She passed on loving messages to me from him that made me a true believer in her gift. She was also able to connect to a dear friend of mine from childhood who had passed away 8 years ago. She conveyed my friends concern for leaving behind her family but not just that, she knew specific details about what had been going on in my friends family since her passing, again after giving her zero information. I shed a few happy tears with my time with Danielle and would highly recommend her. I can tell that she genuinely tunes in and cares for her clients. It can be hard to trust these things and I will always remain at least a bit skeptical but Danielle put me at ease immediately and was also very open to giving out potentially incorrect information and not forcing messages if they don’t make sense at that moment. I will definitely book more time with her as it was just a very positive experience overall. ~Jamie

Danielle's loving and non-judgmental energy creates such a safe environment for opening up and asking the big questions. The insights she channels are profound and sometimes even transformative; one of the images she shared with me in a recent reading enabled me to connect much more intimately with my higher self and clearly see a potential timeline for my life full of love and gentle purpose. I highly recommend booking a reading with Danielle if you're seeking clarity in any area of life. You will likely receive insights that stay with you long after the reading ends. ~Emma

I just wanted to say I had a reading with Danielle and she was great. I had three people come through and she was amazingly accurate with what was conveyed. I had no doubt or question about who came through, details were spot on, she even took extra time because more than one came through for me. Great read--relaxed, comfortable, at ease...everything just flowed. ~Lisa

I had a beautiful reading with Danielle, and I will definitely come back to her. I recommend others do as well. Danielle has a very loving and positive energy surrounding her, and this comes through in her readings. She was able to connect right away with the one I most wanted to connect with. She shared a whole lot of evidential and validating information, things that she wouldn't have known even if she knew us well. She captured his spirit well and, together with him, was able to talk about things that are very current in my life and my discussions with him. There was so much peace had in this reading, and I left feeling his presence surrounding me. What a gift. ♥ ~Diana

I had a reading with Danielle this week. She connected with my family members and brought through useful information so that I was able to identify them right away.  It was a great experience.  Danielle was thorough and compassionate throughout the reading. Highly recommend. ~Lori 

I discovered Danielle’s writings and spirit work online.  It was apparent to me that her material was coming from a good, authentic place, and I enjoyed reading her new content when it became available.

I had a quick, free card reading via Instagram with Danielle which filled me with confidence.  Everything was spot on - such a good connection - and from this point I was convinced that after testing the waters everything was good here.

I recently participated in Danielle's Spirit Guide Channeling Event which confirmed my suspicions - Danielle is really good at what she does. In my opinion it is well worth spending the time and energy to participate with Danielle’s events and gain immediately useful perspective and understanding on your life’s direction.  It was such a safe space with peaceful energy, that I found it easy to get into a good meditative place.  

This wasn’t my first rodeo, I’ve been practicing meditation, Qi Gong and Tai Chi for many years, and found Danielle to be a great facilitator in the field, genuine and authentic. I really love the Celtic vibe.

Highly recommended. ~Paul 

Thank you for that amazing reading and you were spot on. You brought clear and wonderful messages from my son and dad. Both of them are very dear to me and everything said makes sense and goes perfect with them both. My dad was like a father to my son and they both were very close. It brings me great comfort to know they are together. ~Lisa G.

I had a reading with Danielle that was both an honor and a pleasure. She was very articulate and asked questions when warranted. Overall the reading was fabulous! She is a great communicator. ~Yvette 

I was truly touched by the power of the healing and the psychic reading. Your words, the resonance and relevance of the messages you shared, and your empathy and kindness made me feel safe, honored, and understood. I felt that you reached parts of my experience that are important to me but I had not even been thinking about or shared with you, and that was so meaningful. The session definitely felt much needed and impactful (in a gentle and supportive way)! ~Anonymous

As soon as we met online for the reading, I immediately felt Danielle's kindness. Within the early part of the reading, actually almost right away, my dear friend came through. (One of the loved ones I had hoped) She had just recently passed from covid. Every piece of evidence was uncanny...And there was no question in my mind. It was 100% her. Danielle was able to explain the friendship bracelet we both had, the special bond we shared....and even that my daughter was expecting. I was literally brought to tears during our meeting. She did a fantastic job.....I would definitely recommend her for your readings. Thanks again Danielle! ~Bev

Danielle has the most beautiful loving energy. My reading she did for me was nothing short of amazing she connected me with an uncle and someone who was like a little brother to me. The most amazing is when she knew about my 5 children in heaven. There with my nana and when she said the love my grandma has for me was indescribable almost and promised me I would see my children again! This was the first mediumship reading I ever had and words can’t explain how grateful I am for connecting with me thank you again Danielle sending you much love! ~Alison

Danielle is a brilliant spirit healer/medium. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and her peaceful and gentle manner will put you at ease and allow proper healing to happen. Any doubts or reservations you might have will be gone the moment she says hello and welcomes you. Her warm energy will do that. I cannot recommend her enough. Sign up for one! ~Ifon

I had a reading and my father came thru instantly, she described him perfectly. I was so impressed with how much she cared and how much she brought thru of my father. I would recommend her in a heartbeat, and I'd gladly use her services again. ~Jessica 

I received a reading from Danielle and my maternal aunt (Barb) came through. The evidence and validations that came through were nothing short of miraculous. Danielle provides a beautiful, kind & loving space in which she allows you to feel loved and safe during what may be a vulnerable time. There were a few things that came through that dis not resonate or make ANY sense to me BUT I jotted them down anyways and called my mom & aunts as soon as the reading was over. I went over my notes with my mom and they BOTH made sense to her and brought tears, love and comfort to her immediately. One of the things she mentioned was "New Dog" and as soon as I mentioned it to my mom she told me my uncle (my aunt's widower) adopted a dog after she passed to help with the loneliness he was feeling. My uncle was a huge part of the reading so that made a lot of sense. The other thing I didnt fully understand was "Blanket/Quilt" and when I spoke to my mom about it she told me my other living aunt (Diane) JUST brought her sewing machine to my mom's house while she was visiting because she was working on a big quilt. If you are looking for someone to connect with your loved one I HIGHLY recommend booking a session with Danielle! Your session will be full of love, light and healing messages from spirit! ❤ ~Nicole 

Honestly I am feeling so motivated (can't think of the right word but something like that). For the past few days I feel as though another self is taking over, but not forcefully. Just so simple. It's a slow but familiar person, but not someone I've been in the past. But I've definitely been her before, if that makes sense... I feel very at peace with how things are going and am wanting to live more connected and in the moment than usual. I feel like something within me is guiding me. Because it's so familiar and good. And I've just felt lost from her. I'm in a relationship that is allowing me to embrace the femininity within me and I'm so happy to realize who I am again. ~Spirit Healing Client  

It’s rare that I leave a review but I felt like I had too, Danielle was amazing from the moment the zoom call started. She had such a kind gentle energy to her and everything from the day we booked just felt right. We had a group reunion reading for my dad that has passed and from the start my dad came through for her, we gave no prior information to her about who we wanted to reach so she started this reading knowing nothing but my name. I was skeptical at first but Danielle continued to give evidence that I couldn’t even deny was my dad from old memories, things I was thinking since my dads passing, to even how he would talk and his personality. I am blown away and can go to sleep with some comfort knowing how strong my dads presence still is. I am going to be a regular client and if your having any doubts, this is your sign to take the chance it is so worth it. ~Jessica K.