A wonderful experience I highly recommend. It was mind blowing how accurate the information was. I found it insightful, inspiring, and motivating. My energy was lifted and buzzing. Caution, this could be addictive. ~Nikki 

Danielle's loving and non-judgmental energy creates such a safe environment for opening up and asking the big questions. The insights she channels are profound and sometimes even transformative; one of the images she shared with me in a recent reading enabled me to connect much more intimately with my higher self and clearly see a potential timeline for my life full of love and gentle purpose. I highly recommend booking a reading with Danielle if you're seeking clarity in any area of life. You will likely receive insights that stay with you long after the reading ends. ~Emma

A while back I discovered Danielle’s writings and spirit work online.  It was apparent to me that her material was coming from a good, authentic place, and I enjoyed reading her new content when it became available.


I had a quick, free card reading via Instagram with Danielle which filled me with confidence.  Everything was spot on - such a good connection - and from this point I was convinced that after testing the waters everything was good here.


I recently participated in Danielle's Spirit Guide Channeling Event which confirmed my suspicions - Danielle is really good at what she does. In my opinion it is well worth spending the time and energy to participate with Danielle’s events and gain immediately useful perspective and understanding on your life’s direction.  It was such a safe space with peaceful energy, that I found it easy to get into a good meditative place.  


This wasn’t my first rodeo, I’ve been practicing meditation, Qi Gong and Tai Chi for many years, and found Danielle to be a great facilitator in the field, genuine and authentic. I really love the Celtic vibe.


Highly recommended. ~Paul 

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