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Words from my heart

May the personal thoughts and feelings on my own spiritual journey awaken your heart as well.


Your loved ones in Spirit are not prying or entering private moments that disrespect you and your need for privacy or alone time. Although they have access to more information about you and your life, they do not abuse this power and can only receive what you are open to and ready to share with them. It's valuable to remember how much they love and respect you, especially if you're concerned about them discovering things you don't want them to know. From what I understand through Mediumship readings and communicating with loved ones on the Other Side, Spirit cannot force themselves into your everyday life without your permission and welcome acceptance of their presence. They may perceive certain dynamics, challenges, emotional states, and questions that are running more often in your energy field, as well as what you are excited about, milestone moments, and how you are continuing to grow and evolve. An exception may be if you are in danger, and they are able to influence certain outcomes to protect you from Spirit. This isn't a guarantee, and should never be expected, as you are still responsible for making informed decisions as best as you possibly can.

Loved ones also receive specific thoughts & prayers to them, shared memories, letters, or anything done in their honor because there is a clear intention to connect at these times. They access direct communications from you in a stronger way because of your desire to speak to them and have them participate or respond back to you. There is always a potential for deeper intimacy and devotion to expand, and for them to know private details that are meaningful between you. But this develops through safety, trust and patience as your telepathic language grows organically over time. Spirit Loved Ones are not judging you for actions or behaviors you may not be proud of before or after their passing. They love you unconditionally and accept you for all you are. They see your humanity in anything you perceive as a mistake or a flaw. This is not to justify detrimental or destructive behaviors but is offered as a way to encourage compassion and love where it may be needed most. Loved ones do this more freely because they went through a similar process in their Life Review as they crossed to the Spirit World. They also have regular opportunities to learn how to forgive and love themselves and are ready and willing to help you do the same. Spirit goes with you wherever you are and experiences life through your eyes in so many miraculous ways. But remember, there are limits to the types of information they can perceive and when. Certain barriers are placed for reasons they must respect. If a boundary is crossed, it’s as if they are choosing to exacerbate their own karmic “debt.” This strongly demonstrates the significance of the golden rule in the realm of Spirit and how what we do to others is ultimately what we do to ourselves.

Our loved ones in Spirit are not perfect, they are not automatically a guru or an ascended master after their death, but they are gaining valuable experiences in areas that were particularly challenging in their life as well as becoming more of who they truly are from a soul level. Through the eternal bond of love you share, their intention is for you to feel more of this love and also what’s best for you and your well-being. They are continually seeking uplifting ways to assist you on your journey while helping you build a vital relationship with them in Spirit (if that’s what you choose as well). Your loved ones are around you in times that are meaningful as well as mundane, but they do not cross boundaries that would cause harm or even embarrassment. If they were a jokester in life, they may like to surprise you and have fun sending you signs that are playful/humorous as evidence of their personality living on and shining through. I also like to remind clients that their loved ones in Spirit are not purposefully trying to scare them with their presence. If you become afraid for any reason, mentally tell them to try a different way of communicating or simply ask them to back off the intensity of the contact. This is very common in the beginning because your loved one may be excited to show you just how active they are in your life and are doing their best to get your attention. Other loved ones in Spirit believe certain phenomena may be too stressful or has the potential to disrupt a previous paradigm or belief system, and they don’t want to take that risk. This may leave you wondering if they are around you, even when they are! I notice this type of Spirit will come through a reading in considerate ways that build up as you acclimate to their very powerful presence. I find they are gentle not because they are shy (although this could be the case for some), but actually because they have such a strong soul energy. I hope this blog provided clarity or a sense of reassurance on this topic, as there is so much out there that can cause confusion or even harm to people who are just beginning their journey connecting with loved ones who have passed.

If you have questions or topics you would like me to address in a future blog or video, please let me know by messaging me or writing in the comment section below! With love always, Danielle

Receiving clear signs and vivid dreams from a loved one who has passed confirms that their soul is alive and present with you, and this is especially comforting in the early stages of a profound loss. So, it is a completely normal and valid question to wonder why the signs or dreams have stopped. Maybe you worry you have done something to push them away, or that their presence is fading because they have moved on in a way you can’t recognize.

If your communication feels like it’s changing, it doesn’t mean your loved ones aren’t close to you. You aren’t doing anything wrong, and your grief doesn’t block them. I believe grief has the potential to open you to the sacred because by its nature it strips you of your armor and all that was known before. You may even become more sensitive to signs from Spirit in this tender, broken-open heart space.

I acknowledge this is not the case for everyone, but it is something I’ve regularly witnessed in my work with clients over the years. It definitely happens the other way around too. At first the signs may be subtle or seemingly non-existent but develop and strengthen as you grieve over time. Keep in mind, grief is as unique as a fingerprint, and so the way you connect with your beloved ones will be highly specific to you as well. If you received early dream visitations and are concerned that they have stopped, this may be a surprising indication that the relationship is maturing, and you are spiritually developing together. I want to remind you that your loved one has not disappeared. It’s normal on the spiritual path to go through “dry spells.” If you've depended on the nourishment of certain signs or dream visits, most likely you’re going through an uncomfortable period of being weaned off the familiar form of communication so you can strengthen other approaches that may not be as natural for you.

Your loved one may also be hiding in the exact place where personal growth is happening. As shifts and realizations are made, they will often emerge feeling closer to your heart than before the previous cycle of development. Trust in your relationship’s organic expansion and contraction as it is a sacred rhythm between you. Your loved one always remains with you, but the amount you receive a consistent sign may decrease as you adjust to a different communication style or evolve in new ways on your personal/spiritual journey. A decrease in signs means your relationship is deepening at some level, maybe it feels internalized, but this is just as valid and important. I acknowledge that adjusting to the change can feel like a shock or a betrayal in some cases. Perhaps you feel you already lost them physically, and now it may seem like they’re lost to you in Spirit. You can never lose your loved one in Spirit, and they cannot be taken away from you. Your bond of love is eternal and will never die. Allow the subtlety to remind you that your relationship is evolving and refining the next potential for expansion that awaits you. If you tend to receive a lot of signs in the external world (number sequences, animal messengers, synchronous events, etc.) maybe you notice you’re now receiving their thoughts telepathically. You receive a thought from them that feels like your own, but you just know that it’s something they would say to you. Much like you had to develop trust in your previous way of communicating, you are being asked to have faith in subtle forms that push you past your comfort zone.

Dreams are desirable because they are so vivid, and you wake up feeling like the experience was more real than waking life. As dreams become less frequent, perhaps you are being asked to unfold your emotional (clairsentient) communication and to trust in the nostalgic feelings that seem to spontaneously rise up in you. Maybe you feel a brush of air on your back at the exact moment they pop in your mind. You start to feel and sense their energy in a room rather than rely on the intensity of a dream visitation to know they are with you.

There are also practical reasons signs may decrease for a while. If you are going through a major life transition, your life circumstance is literally requiring you to focus more on yourself and the physical world for a time. Of course, they move with you through this transition. Yet they are fully aware of the need for you to be in the world and respect the boundaries and periods of adjustment that are required. Perhaps you’re planning a wedding, you’re pregnant, starting a new job, raising young children, moving to a new home, etc. Similar to personal and spiritual transformation, milestone events require a lot of energy and focus as you move from one way of being into the next.

You may wonder why they seem to disappear in times that are exciting for you. Believe me, they are extremely celebratory in Spirit! They are not only aware of the event or milestone itself, but how you are changing and deepening into who you are. Be open to them supporting you in multifaceted ways because you are also evolving into a fuller expression of yourself!

I hope these reminders are helpful when communication with your loved one seems to be non-existent, stagnant or in a state of transition. It’s my honor to hold space for your fear and concern while also bringing through the healing messages I am privileged to witness in sessions with clients.

Your loved ones in Spirit are forever loving, guiding, protecting and growing with you in every season of your life.

If you’re interested in receiving your own private or mini group reunion reading, you can check out my current offerings here.

All my love always,


I am inspired to share a list of 7 meaningful messages I regularly receive when communicating with loved ones in Spirit. I hope they provide you with comfort and uplift your heart if you’re concerned about a loved one's well-being, conflicted about unfinished business since their passing, questioning decisions you made before or after they died, or maybe you’re hopeful that they’re still around you now and in the future. Messages are a very important part of evidential mediumship & Spirit communication, and while they are unique to the individual who comes forward, there are many significant and potentially life changing themes that stand out and bring healing for all of us. 1. “I am healthy, safe and at peace.” “I didn’t feel any physical pain or fear.”

These messages often come through when a person has passed suddenly or unexpectedly, in a traumatic event, such as an accident, overdose, suicide, or murder. They may also relay their freedom from pain if they experienced a particularly harrowing medical diagnosis. These messages become their primary focus, especially if it’s their first time communicating through a medium. They are often very eager to let you know that they are healthy, alive and doing well in Spirit. They may even mention who was there to greet them on the Other Side (close family, friends, and animal companions you can recognize). Of course, they are also aware of the pain they may have left you with, and this leads into the next meaningful message. 2. “I’m sorry for how I left you.” “I’m sorry for how I treated you.” The first message typically comes through when a Spirit feels it’s important to take responsibility for their departure in some way. Even if the cause of death was accidental, they see how certain actions contributed to their passing, and they deeply feel the repercussions left behind. It becomes part of their mission to make amends. These apologies are not about personally feeling better to relieve a guilty conscience or only telling you what you want to hear. For Spirit, their apologies are genuine and significant because of the healing power they generate. They know that to make amends can bring healing to an entire family, lineage and beyond, it can even impact the wider community/society. The second message is very similar but focuses on making amends for how a loved one personally treated you throughout your relationship, whether it was abuse, dysfunctional behavior, or not being present in your life as they should have been. When a Spirit comes forward to apologize, it’s because they are truly ready to be the person you never received, or they are seeking to provide you with closure and/or reconcile unfinished business between you. You get to decide what is best for you, but remember, you are not obligated to continue a relationship with someone who has harmed you. Harm inflicted on others is augmented in the Spirit World–there is no hiding it or avoiding the truth of wrongdoing, and it’s impossible to avoid feeling the pain caused by certain actions or behaviors. This does not mean they are in a constant state of suffering. They are given opportunities to learn and become aware of family patterns and generational cycles that are passed down. Once again, it becomes Spirit’s mission to live differently and to create healing and closure not only in their loved one’s life, but for generations to come. It’s one of the most powerful tools for ancestral healing that exists. 3. “I support all actions and decisions you had to make.” “You made the right decision in regard to my care and belongings." These messages are so important for families and significant others who had to make difficult decisions about their loved ones' health in the final days, especially when this includes the agonizing choice to turn off life support. Loved ones in Spirit often validate what you did on their behalf and affirm how you were put in a difficult position. This message also encourages other actions you made in regard to their burial or cremation, funerals, memorials, as well as their home and/or possessions. They completely support any action and decision that feels right to you and often come through thanking you for all that you’ve done for them. 4. “Nothing was left unsaid.” “Please don’t feel guilty for not being there when I passed." In the final moments of a loved one’s life, you may wonder if they heard the last words you whispered in their ear or if they could feel you holding their hand as they took their last breath. Spirit brings these experiences forward as a way to tell you they heard every word you said and were aware of your presence with them, even if they weren’t fully conscious or able to physically speak back to you. Along with this comes a meaningful reminder for those who could not physically be present at the time of their loved one’s passing. Spirit hope to relieve any burden of guilt you may feel, although they acknowledge that going back over events and certain scenarios is a very normal part of the grief process. They can feel your love and hear your heartfelt thoughts. They know how much you wished you could be there with them or handled something differently at the time. Truly nothing is left unsaid because they receive your every word and intention you send them. This leads us nicely into the next meaningful message. 5. "I am always with you." “I was at the wedding.” “I witnessed the birth of your child.” Maybe you hope your loved one participated in milestone moments in your life. By mentioning significant life transitions, it can be particularly heartening to know that loved ones in Spirit are not just a collection of old memories but walk with you into the future. They are often eager to let you know what events they attended or milestones they witnessed since their passing. They are aware of a slightly bigger picture and already see your plans to travel, move house, or that you’re expecting another child. When these messages come through along with evidence about them, it feels reassuring to know they are an active, living presence, aware of your everyday life, and that they don’t miss out on anything important between you. 6. “I was in your dream, our favorite song on the radio, and the dragonfly that landed by your side.” Your loved ones in Spirit enjoy giving examples of the communication they are seeking to develop with you, such as validating certain signs to help you trust in them, or to affirm that the vivid dream visitation you received was truly them. These messages give you a sense that the communication is not just one-sided and that the new language you’re learning together can continue to strengthen beyond a mediumship reading. I recently had a grandmother tell her granddaughter that this new kind of relationship with her was like experiencing a rebirth, and that any small step she took in this direction increased potentials for spiritual growth as well as mediumship unfoldment. 7. “I love you.” “I’m proud of you.” No matter how old you get, there are words you regularly need to hear from significant people in your life. Whether your bond was close, absent, or if your loved one had difficulty expressing how they felt about you, some of the most meaningful messages that come through are often the short and sweet ones: I love you, and I’m proud of you.


As a medium, it is my passion to share meaningful messages with as many people as possible. Which message touched your heart the most? Please share this post with those you think could benefit from reading it. If you're looking to receive specific messages from your own loved ones, I offer private mediumship and mini group reunion sessions. You can check out my current services here.

All my love, Danielle

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