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7 Meaningful Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit

Updated: May 2

I feel inspired to share seven meaningful messages that I regularly receive while communicating with loved ones in Spirit. I hope they provide you with comfort and uplift your heart if you’re concerned about a loved one's well-being, conflicted about unfinished business since their passing, questioning decisions you made before or after they died, or maybe you’re hopeful that they’re still around you now and in the future.

Messages are a very important part of evidential mediumship & Spirit communication, and while they are unique to the individual who comes forward, there are many significant and potentially life changing themes that stand out and offer healing for all of us. 1. The messages "I am healthy, safe, and at peace" and "I didn't feel any physical pain or fear" are often conveyed when a person has passed away suddenly or unexpectedly, in a traumatic event such as an accident, overdose, suicide, or murder. They may also express their freedom from suffering if they endured a severe medical condition.

These messages typically become their central focus, particularly if it's their first attempt at communication through a medium. They are usually very eager to reassure you that they are healthy, alive, and thriving in spirit. They might also indicate who welcomed them on the Other Side, including close family, friends, and animal companions that you recognize. Naturally, they are conscious of the sorrow they might have caused you, which leads into another significant message. 2. The message, "I'm sorry for how I left you," often comes through when a Spirit acknowledges the need to take responsibility for their manner of departure. Even in cases where death was accidental, they recognize how their actions may have contributed to their passing and are acutely aware of the resulting impact. Their quest to make amends is not driven by a desire to alleviate personal guilt or to simply say what one might wish to hear. Instead, these apologies are heartfelt and profound, rooted in the understanding of their potential to promote healing. It is recognized that making amends not only benefits a family or lineage but is healing the wider community and society as a whole. The heartfelt apology "I'm sorry for how I treated you" acknowledges the importance of making amends for past actions within a relationship, whether due to abuse, dysfunction, or absence. When a Spirit offers an apology, it indicates their willingness to transform into the person you needed or to provide closure by resolving lingering issues. The decision on how to move forward is yours, without any obligation to continue a relationship with someone who has been harmful.

In the Spirit World, the impact of harm inflicted on others is intensified—there is no hiding from one's wrongdoings, and the resulting pain from certain actions or behaviors is unavoidable. Nonetheless, this does not subject them to endless torment. They are given opportunities to learn and to understand the family patterns and generational cycles passed down to them. The Spirit's purpose then shifts to adopting a new way of living, promoting healing and closure for themselves, their loved ones, and future generations. This represents one of the most powerful forms of ancestral healing. 3. "I support all the actions and decisions you had to make." "You made the right decision concerning my care and belongings."

These messages are crucial for families and significant others who faced tough choices regarding their loved ones' health in their final days, particularly when it involves the heart-wrenching decision to discontinue life support. Those who have passed on acknowledge your actions on their behalf and recognize the difficult situation you were in. This message also affirms other decisions you made concerning their burial or cremation, funerals, memorials, and even their home and possessions. They fully endorse any action and decision that feels right to you and frequently express gratitude for everything you've done for them. 4. "Nothing was left unsaid." "Please don't feel guilty for not being there when I passed away."

In a loved one's final moments, you might wonder if they heard your whispered words or felt your hand in theirs as they took their last breath. Spirit conveys these moments to assure you that they heard every word and felt your presence, even if they were not fully conscious or able to respond.

For those unable to be physically present at their loved one's passing, Spirit offers a comforting reminder. They aim to alleviate any guilt you might carry, recognizing that reflecting on past events is a natural part of grieving. They feel your love and hear your sincere thoughts. They understand your wish to have been there or to have done things differently. Indeed, nothing remains unsaid, as they receive all your words and intentions. This leads into the next poignant message. 5. "I am always with you," "I was at the wedding," "I witnessed the birth of your child."

Perhaps you wish your loved one could have shared in the significant moments of your life. Acknowledging major life changes can be comforting, reinforcing the idea that loved ones in Spirit are more than just memories; they accompany you into the future. They are often eager to communicate the events they have attended or the milestones they have observed since their passing.

They perceive a broader picture and are already aware of your plans to travel, relocate, or the anticipation of another child. The reassurance that comes when these messages are delivered with evidence about them is profound. It affirms their active, living presence in your daily life, as well as ensures that they miss nothing of importance between you. 6. "I appeared in your dream, we shared our favorite song on the radio, and I was the dragonfly that settled beside you."

Loved ones in Spirit often provide examples of the communication they wish to establish with you. They validate certain signs to build your trust or confirm that a vivid dream visitation was indeed from them. These messages are meant to show that communication is not one-sided and that the new language you're learning together can grow stronger even after a mediumship reading. A grandmother recently conveyed to her granddaughter that their evolving relationship felt like a rebirth, and that each small step towards this connection could enhance her spiritual development and the unfolding of mediumship abilities as well.

7. No matter one's age, certain phrases always hold significance when spoken by important individuals in our lives. Whether the relationship is close, distant, or if expressing emotions was challenging for your loved one, the most impactful messages are often brief yet profound: "I love you" and "I'm proud of you."


As a medium, I'm passionate about sharing meaningful messages with as many individuals as possible. I'm curious, which message touched your heart the most? Consider sharing this post with others who might find value in it.

For those seeking personalized messages from their loved ones, I provide private mediumship and small group reunion sessions. You can check out my current services here.

With love and care, Danielle


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