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Image by Julian Hanslmaier

In Honor of Love and Loss this Valentine's Day

Today doesn’t have to be a sugar sweet hallmark day. Maybe instead it’s a tender reminder to come closer to our hearts. To open to the idea of oneness with those who feel far from our physical arms. The law of Oneness says we are all divinely inseparable. This includes our loved ones in Spirit who feel separated in body, but can actually be closer to our minds and hearts than ever before. A new level of intimacy is shared as Spirit bears witness to our daily thoughts and feelings. Their love is conscious, fully awake and responsive to our grief as well as our desires for reunion and companionship with them. An eternal, enduring warmth abides where love is alive—and honestly, that’s often within a broken or grieving heart. Perhaps this day can also remind us to be gentle toward our genuine feelings around love and loss, and to know that we are met there too.

My prayer this Valentine’s Day:

May Spirit hear you and hold you wherever you are.

May your love light a candle for you and tend to the flames that bind.

May you never forget that love is always with you, because only love survives.


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