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Jessica W

 I was so impressed with how much she cared and how much she brought thru of my father. She described him perfectly. I would recommend her in a heartbeat, and I'd gladly use her services again.
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Lauren E

I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life yesterday thanks to Danielle Maitreya. She gave me the validation and healing I have been in need of for so many years- It was an experience like no other. Emotional and raw. Her connection with spirit is so beautiful and I am so blessed to have been a part of something so life changing. Forever grateful. 
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Bev H

 Every piece of evidence was uncanny...And there was no question in my mind. It was 100% her. Danielle was able to explain the friendship bracelet we both had, the special bond we shared....and even that my daughter was expecting. I was literally brought to tears during our meeting. 
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While experiencing the heartbreaking and unknown landscape of loss, it is especially comforting to know your loved ones are safe and at peace. A mediumship reading is a reunion with your family, friends, and animal companions who now live in Spirit yet continue to reveal that their soul is alive and present. 


The information given is something meaningful you can validate, often about your loved one's life, personality, talents/ interests, the essence of who they are, significant events & memories you shared, along with specific details only you would know. Every reading is so unique and divinely orchestrated as Spirit communicate messages filled with love, hope, and healing. 

It is a true privilege to be trusted as a temporary voice for your loved one to not only express who they are, their distinctive presence and personality, but also how they wish to continue their relationship with you in new yet profound ways.  

Mediumship Reunion

Spirit Baby Communication Reading

Spirit Babies refer to the incoming souls of your children, linked to you by ancestral or soul family ties. They are preparing for their roles on Earth and are in a spiritual realm that is secure and nurturing for them. These souls form a connection with you before conception, throughout pregnancy, and even if you've endured the heartbreaking loss of a child, they remain eternally connected to you.


A Spirit Baby Communication Reading is designed to support you at any stage of your fertility and motherhood journey. It can provide clarity and comfort whether you are aspiring to have children, actively trying to conceive, currently expecting, or if you have endured the loss of a child and wish to connect with their spirit.

This reading is most beneficial for individuals who are receptive to the concept of the soul's immortality. Similar to a mediumship reading, it involves harmonizing with your child's energy to convey significant insights and loving messages they wish to share with you.

A Life Reading, or Psychic Reading, offers insights into your unique life path. I create a welcoming and nurturing environment for you to achieve clarity on various aspects such as relationships, career, life purpose, soul gifts, potential timelines, and a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and Higher Self.

Life readings realign you with your potential and identify steps to take here and now. I like to remind clients that they are sovereign in their choices and decisions and that no outcome or prediction is ever set in stone. It is best to come with an open mind and heart as well as an intention for what you would like to receive specific guidance on. The best types of questions are open ended so as not to limit your potential or opportunities for expansion.

Life Reading

Image by Olga Tutunaru

An Animal Communication reading offers pet parents the opportunity to connect with their cherished animal companions, regardless of whether they are present with us or have crossed over to the Spirit World.

A reading can be beneficial for understanding living pets more deeply. It can address various topics such as enhancing their quality of life, supporting your pet through behavioral issues, managing changes in the family or home environment, addressing health concerns or pain management for senior pets, exploring your higher soul contracts and or past life connections, as well as guidance through challenging end-of-life decisions.

A reading for a pet who has passed can bring great comfort and validation of an animal companion’s continued presence from Spirit. As a medium, I connect with an animal’s soul for them to share information about who they are, your life together, how they remain connected to you now, your higher soul agreements and purpose, as well as messages filled with their love and personality shining through.

Animal Communication


Loved ones in Spirit constantly seek to make connection with you, whether that’s through your daily routine, on a special anniversary, holiday or milestone moments in your life. Being with you is where they genuinely love to be. Wherever you are is home.


My Story

Danielle Maitreya 
Evidential Psychic Medium

Growing up as a sensitive child and an identical twin in an alcoholic environment, I struggled to trust my own feelings and intuition. Being highly empathic, I often conformed to others' needs to ensure my safety. In my early twenties, I channeled my energy into helping others, believing that my calling was to become a therapist.


After earning my bachelor's degree in psychology, I gained experience in the field before deciding to pursue a master's degree. During this period, I started to uncover my identity beyond my past conditioning and bravely ventured into new territory.


My work with autistic adults led me to become attuned to Reiki, aiming to assist them in managing anxiety in a holistic way. Surprisingly, this journey sparked the emergence of my own intuitive, mediumistic, and healing potentials—abilities I had suppressed to cope with my childhood were resurfacing.


After my father's sudden passing in June 2020, I began a rigorous yet supportive 2 1/2-year journey in Jungian Analysis six months later. It was a vulnerable experience to seek help. However, as I gradually found safety in nurturing my mind and body, my connection to the Spirit World became clear during psychic readings and healing sessions with clients.


I committed myself to training and studying Evidential Mediumship extensively, which sparked a deep passion within me. Embracing my mediumship abilities felt like a homecoming to my authentic self.

Today, I am dedicated to being the best medium I can be, knowing it is interwoven with my personal and spiritual growth and healing.


My practice merges the evidence-based methods of Spiritualism with the ongoing exploration of esoteric spirituality and mystical wisdom traditions. I pursue my education online at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK.

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Loved ones in Spirit hope to inspire you back to your purpose in ways that are right for you—so you remember why you’re here, that they are a part of it, and forever a part of you.


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