Your soul is a unique landscape revealing the energy and language of Spirit within you. Just as a tree, a bird, or flower speaks the language of their Nature, so too are you communicating your beauty and being within this great cosmic ecosystem.

Spiritual language goes deeper than words alone, as so much can be said in an image, archetype, or visionary dream. This mythic language is also in touch with the voices of your primal ancestors, allies, guides, and loved ones walking with you on your earthly journey.

As a Psychic Medium and Spirit Healer I humbly bear witness to your inner world. Through co-creative exploration and intuitive knowledge gathering, my hope is that our work weaves a healing view of clear vision. May you too begin to see the majesty and magic of your own Spirit Nature. 



Psychic Readings 


A Psychic Reading gives you access to insightful images, messages, and connections with Spirit. I facilitate a receptive and supportive space for you to gain clarity on questions regarding relationships and life purpose, timeline potentials, and/or a deeper communication with your own Spiritual guidance and Higher Self.

Readings are set with an intention for the most clear and validating information to flow through for the highest good. 

As a Clairvoyant, Empath, and Channel, I may communicate messages through the use of visual images, colors, archetypal symbols, emotion, and/or inner knowing to inform each highly personalized session.


It is best to come with an open mind and heart as well as 2-3 main questions for your reading.


First Time Client: $45
60  Minute Session: $65


Spirit Healing Sessions 

Spirit Healing is an attunement with the Divine frequency of the Spirit world where I act as a bridge for Healing guides and helpers to blend with me in order to channel the most beneficial healing force for you and your intention.

Your personalized session is tailored to address the concern most important for you at this time such as soul loss, past trauma, emotional wounds, spiritual awakening, grief, and/or physical health concerns.

It is best to come with an open heart and an intention for healing.


60 Minute Session: $65
90 Minute Session: $90

Mediumship Readings


I am a developing Medium and I work with my psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience) to blend with Spirit in order to receive/deliver evidential signs and healing messages from loved ones who have passed.


The information given is something you can validate, often about their life, the essence of who they are as a person, memories you shared, along with healing messages they wish for you to know at this time. There is no greater service than to facilitate sacred space for your reunion with one another. 

It is best to come with an open mind and heart. While I cannot guarantee a specific soul will come through, I set my intention to honor and achieve what Spirit feels is best for all involved. 

45 Minute Session: $45

I am Danielle

I am Reawakening 

I am Remembering....

The nature of my truth as a Woman connected to the Earth and Stars...
Psychic Medium

Spirit Channel
Healing Artist

Devoted Priestess
& Mystic of the Feminine Soul...

Reclaiming myself as a Witch and Woman of the Wild awakens my ancient roots and magical gifts. I am in a process of discovery and yet I remain anchored to the natural cycles of flesh and forest, my hallowed home. I am humbled to walk alongside others in their own remembering. 


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