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Diversity and Unitive Vision

Seeing with the eyes of unity is recognizing diversity as dynamically interrelating or fitting together within the whole. When we’re able to maintain this kind of vision we understand that not only are we here for a unique purpose, but we also matter to the overall tapestry of life.

There’s a common myth that says unity and oneness means we are all the same. True unity is not sameness, it’s not acting or thinking alike. Unity or oneness is a field of non-dual awareness, it’s a way of being that highly values and respects differences of opinion, race, cultures, and lifestyles.

Our threads may be separate from others, but together, they add to the design in a way that’s deeply meaningful and could not be complete without their presence and vital color. There’s nothing that needs to be retouched or airbrushed away. Within this level of awareness, we get to be exactly as we came here to be. Filled with our own purpose, identity, and freedom. This is our birthright. We are essential to the All, but we aren’t all meant to be the same.


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