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Facing Fear on the Mediumship Development Journey

Before my mediumship development and training began, I remember feeling and sensing Spirit as ghost-like, and haunting, rather than the souls of real people who lived and loved, experienced heartbreak, as well as unbearable beauty.

I believe this happened because it was still unknown to me, and all of my fears were projected onto the Spirit World. As I give it a space in my life to serve others, I can honestly say this never happens now. Of course, discernment is extremely valuable both with the living and with Spirit. It’s empowering to know you are in control and can stop a connection if it doesn’t feel right to you.

As I consciously engaged and practiced mediumship with others, I began to trust in the natural protection that occurred within an intention to bring healing to the two worlds. Mediumship communication became an integrated part of me and is slowly emerging as my life’s work.

What I initially feared is actually a waking life force in my soul—gifting me with new potentials I couldn’t quite see before I came into relationship with it. Now, I’m grateful I leaned into the unknown and opened to mediumship despite a religious upbringing that conditioned me to believe it was dangerous/evil.

I offer respect and reverence for the expansion of my limited vision—not only of who I am, but what could come alive in all of us if we say yes to a deeper, often mysterious calling.

I hope this may be helpful to beginning mediums. Keep going, and do not let fear stop you from embracing your birthright to commune with Spirit, ancestors and beloveds who have passed. This is something I wish I would have known when I started.

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